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CI DESIGN + BUILD specializes in the design and implementation of wellness features. Our discovery process enables us to evaluate your needs for health and wellness, determining what elements are best suited for your lifestyle. We are committed to nurturing vendor partnerships that enable us to deliver exclusive, tailored solutions.

We consider many elements that can support your wellbeing

The way you live in your home matters. Our team selects the proper textiles and furnishings can support wellness. Take the bedroom: we consider the elements needed for the best sleep. The quality of mattress, pillows, and linens all must be harmoniously curated to ensure the best sleep possible. But in any room, you can trust our team selects quality items that contribute to a positive, calming atmosphere.


Bring the spa to you. With an array of products from our trusted vendors, we can design and build a restorative at home sanctuary. Amenities such as a steam shower and integrated aromatherapies provide a luxurious experience, right at home.


Small investments can make major changes Products like the Hydrotap by Hydrology supplies filtered chilled, sparkling, and boiling water instantly, effortlessly promoting increased water consumption. what’s well for an individual can be incredible for the planet. Eliminating packaged water use significantly contributes to waste across the world. Our team sources the best brands for quality water filtration through out the home.   Eliminating impurities, the risk of waterborne illnesses are lower, the taste of cooking is better, and irritations are removed too.


Humans have their own internal clock called circadian rhythm. We can select and design lighting that can support your own internal clock to improve falling asleep and being alert in the morning. We consider aesthetics of lighting as well as how it affects your body and daily routine.


Filtration systems are not flashy but are critical for health. Our team sources quality HVAC systems to ensure airborne issues like allergens and contagions are eliminated. They also reduce odors, creating a fresher indoor environment. With improved air quality and overall well-being, investing in home air filtration is a smart choice for a more comfortable and healthier living space. Investing in these systems also are helpful to the home overall: proper air filtration extends the lifetime of your HVAC.

Air Filtration

Home humidification systems offer significant health benefits by maintaining optimal indoor humidity levels. In addition to adding comfort, especially during the winter, these systems are helpful for people with allergies and asthma. In addition to personal health, humidification can protect wooden furniture, art, and flooring from drying.


Selecting the proper A/V partner ensures important features like lighting, sound, security, and HVAC are all integrated effortlessly. Automations can adjust based on the time, where you are in the home, and where efficiency is best. You don’t have to worry about the tiny details, just rest easy knowing the sound while watching a Football game will be just as perfect as when you’re listening to a guided meditation.

Audio/Visual Integrations

Enjoy the convenience for your at-home workout. Our expert designs encompass every detail, from specialized rubber flooring and easily maintainable surfaces to custom mirrors ensuring your fitness environment is functional and comfortable.


Saunas and cold plunges are gaining in popularity, Our preferred partners work with you to select the best specialty wellness item for you. We can integrate these large-scale items into the design and install them with care.

Specialty Installations