From a young age, while other third-graders were busy drawing self-portraits or abstract images of their family dog, Michael Miller was sketching his dream home’s interiors.

Now, as president of Centaur Interiors, he continues to pursue his longtime passion for the craft, as well as the happiness it brings to others. “Working with clients to ‘discover the possibilities’ is always extremely exciting,” Michael says. “Walking into a client’s completed home, seeing their faces, and hearing them say how it exceeded their expectations is truly why I dedicate my life to this industry.”

Within Centaur Interiors, Michael notes that the company’s DNA revolves around their meticulous attention to detail and amazing team. “Each and every person at CI is striving for the same goal—to deliver the highest quality product within a curated process. We collaborate with the best in the industry, through our in-house team and our external partners, to deliver our clients the best solution and results for their projects.” This dedication to client satisfaction has driven Centaur Interiors to new heights, most recently with three adventurous endeavors. One being their expansion into the Florida and Dallas markets, another being the introduction of an in-house art gallery, and lastly, the launch of Michael’s latest passion project, Apollo—a digital art ecosystem made up of amazing artists, elevated display installation, and an online marketplace.

“For those that are most successful, their work is both a passion and a lifestyle. Being around many of our successful clients provides me the motivation to work harder and continue to challenge myself and our firm.”

– From Modern Luxury CS